Apple W1 343S00131 Bluetooth Module

The W1 chip found in the Beats Studio wireless headphone has the package mark 343S00131. Meanwhile, the W1 chip torn down from the Apple AirPods has the package mark 343S00130. They have a slight difference in the last digit in the package marks. TechInsights has confirmed that both 343S00131 and 343S00130 have the same die. This die measures 4.42 mm x 3.23 mm = 14.3 mm2. TechInsights has been tracking Internet of Things (IoT) SoCs for over a year and our observations indicate that this new W1 SoC is very competitively placed when comparing its die size and connectivity specification of Bluetooth 4.2 or greater. As far as the Bluetooth specification is concerned, Apple does not say if it the W1 is BT4.2 or BT5.

Given the size of this die and its featured operating specifications we will be producing a basic benchmarking report on this W1 processor. The report will identify the process node and foundry; and contain a floor plan analysis and die utilization table, as well as cost estimate for the tested and packaged device.

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The standard deliverables of Basic Functional Analysis reports capture key metrics that you need to reveal trends in your socket:

  • The report comes with high resolution top metal and poly die images delivered in ICWorks Browser. The images come fully calibrated allowing the user to make feature measurements.

We are considering conducting in-depth circuit analysis of this BT Trx block.

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